Pallets & Crates


Basic pallets types:

  •  2-way entry pallet: A 2-Way design means that a forklift is able to enter and lift the load from 2 sides


  •  4-way entry pallet: A 4-Way design pallet allows forklifts to enter and lift a load from 4 sides.4way

Generally, pallets are made according to your specification, depending on the following factors, and any custom requirements:

  • Whether you are using a trolley jack or forklift to move the pallet
  • Weight of products that the pallet should carry
  • Is a 2 or 4 way pallet required?
  • Should they be reversible or non reversible

Our pallets come in a variety of specifications and grades and we also offer A, B and C graded pallets.

  • Used pallets: we also buy and sell a variety of used pallets

 Wooden Crates

Crates are made according to your custom specifications, and whether they are slated or solid, we will make them up as per your requirements.















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