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A new factory location was acquired and the best of Kwik-Way and Irontite was moved into it. The decision was made to have Irontite Products Inc. be the flagship company and Kwik-Way and Van Norman would remain brands that Irontite would manufacture. Kwik-Way had acquired Van Norman Flywheel Grinders back around 2000.

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Pick the wrong stone and really bad things happen. Other necessary tools in my valve seat tool box is an assortment of pilots for guiding the grinding stones in the seats, stone holders for mounting and holding the grinding stones and most importantly, a stone dressing tool.

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Changing a valve seat stone angle is only advised if it is to increase the stone angle, i.e., taking a 15-degree angle wheel and making it a 30-degree. It is not cost effective to attempt to reduce an angle, too much abrasive and diamond is required to perform this operation.

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Oct 19, 2012· You used to be able to pick up a complete Sioux valve grinder and seat grinder with plenty of stones and guides for around 650.00 and lately rather crusty looking and ancient Black and Decker valve grinders have had prices in that range with no attachments and no seat grinder.

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May 25, 2011· Valve-seat grinding With this method, small grinding stones are used to restore the valve seats. The stones are available in various diameters and are dressed to suit the valve-seat angle. Narrowing stones are dressed to other angles. The stones are mounted on the threaded end of the stone carrier (Figure 3.27).

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Valve seats perform a very important function on the cylinder head, cooling rapidly to reduce temperature, and sealing the valve faces against combustion gas leakage. Valve seats have circular ring designs, and sit fixed within the cylinder head, by use of a press. When the valve seat becomes worn, cracked, loose or ...

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The seat width is important because about 70% of heat transferred from a valve goes out through the seat contact area. The old rule of thumb used to be to try to maintain a seat width of about .070″. Today's engines, however, have valves that are so thin it is impossible to locate a seat that wide on the valve …

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Mar 27, 2017· Grinding valve seats with abrasive stones has been aound about as long as the internal combustion engine. In the early days of grinding seats, there were only two abrasive materials to choose from – General Purpose and Finishing – because seats were mostly made of a single material, cast iron.

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Seat Grinder Equipment; Seat Grinder Stones; Seat Grinder Stones. Valve Seat Grinder Stones. We have a large selection of Seat Grinding Stones to meet each Seat Grinding need. From Coarse stones for Nickel Seats to Fine Finishing Stones. We stock stones in 9/16 -16 ( Black & Decker and Van Dorn ), 11/16-16 (Sioux, Ko Lee, Thor, Winona Van ...

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Valve seat grinding wheels. Dressing and truing of grinding wheels. The purpose of the dressing and truing is to restore the original cutting geometry and to correct the flatness and roundness of …

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Jun 18, 2014· I have a seat and a valve grinder bought in "80 from Snap-on. Valve grinder is good, but was never satisfied with the seat method. The stone carrier tended to drop off the drive motor and control was affected by that. The stones would wear or chip causing me to redress too often. And the pilot often shifted from the speed/vibration of the drive ...

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Grinding valve seats with stones is a messy process and relies heavily on the finesse of the operator. Because the surface of a stone is constantly changing as it works, it cannot create a truly flat surface which encourages the ineffectual process of lapping.

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By Dave Monyhan, In the previous issue of Tech Notes we talked about selecting a valve seat stone. As you'll recall, Goodson carries six abrasive formulas for a variety of applications. Today, we're going to share some tips on getting the most out of your valve seat stones. Now that you've chosen your seat stone…

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Aug 01, 2008· The valve seat cutters feature multiple valve angles that are proven to significantly improve airflow and power over a single angle or three-angle valve seat cutter. Mondello says his multi-angle cutters typically increase airflow 10 to 20 cfm by just adding and changing the angles on the valve seats.

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Black & Decker Valve Stone Dressing Stand, #49496, Type CA, Wheel, Seat See more like this SPONSORED VALVE SEAT GRINDER STONES ZIRCON …

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Sizing Up The Valve Guide ... and can be performed on a bench without the need of a seat and guide machine. The spiral groove does create a place to hold oil for lubrication and heat transfer. Knurling can save a valve ... mandrels, sleeves and stones is very affordable.