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Make your softball and baseball fields the best place to raise All-Star team members! Contact Kurtz Bros. in Columbus, OH or visit us on the web ... Baseball and Softball turf Columbus, Ohio Premium Baseball and Softball Turf That Can Be Delivered ... KB Brick Dust. Brick screenings are used to amend infields. It reduces compaction and ...

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Apr 24, 2017· Red brick dust is a traditional magical ingredient that has been used for many centuries. When used at the entrance of a home or place of business, red brick dust is thought to offer spiritual protection for those residing in the building while warding off enemies. Red brick dust is also used on baseball fields, ...

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When used instead of sand-based materials, Mar-Co Field Bricks improve the stability and durability required for Pitcher's mounds and Batter's Boxes. These bricks are comprised of Mar-Co Mound Clay compressed into a brick (4" x 8" x 2.5"). They are compatible with existing clays and are easily maintained with Mar-Co Mound Clay.

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Oct 05, 2012· Leveling Baseball Field Baselines - Notre Dame This past week, the J&D Turf team spent the week in South Bend, IN. The task was to renovate the baseball infield at Frank Eck Stadium, add Dura Edge Pro to the infield and baselines and …

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Brick Dust Pro Mix Brick Dust Pro is excellent for fields. Our product, Pro Brick Dust, is dark deep red in color and it provides excellent drainage so that you can play ball immediately after a rain. We also carry mound mix. Infield Mix Infield Mix provides the baseball infield its beautiful red color, also known as "Georgia Red Infield Mix."


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Our infield mix was originally made for the California Angels back in the late 1960's. Because this product carries "fired clay," which absorbs water leaving the net result of less water use for maintenance than products with a psyllium binder, others are unable to duplicate this mix. Angel mix has approximately 40% clay and 60% brick dust.

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Having the best baseball dirt on your field matters. We've worked closely with coaches and groundskeepers to create baseball infield mixes that are top performers – offering safety, endurance for everyday play, and quick recovery after rain. Mar-Co baseball clay is …

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Edie Trucking, Inc., now KAM Services, Newark, was the first company in Ohio to offer crushed brick field topping over twenty years ago. Originally a by-product of our landscaping chips, which we still offer to wholesale companies, the diamond dust has become our main product.

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Pro Gold Infield Mix is not "brick dust" but is an engineered infield mix based on best known science from professional grounds keepers and laboratories that specialize in infield evaluation. Most infield mixes such as "brick dust" are coarsely screened and contain abrasive gravel and course sands.

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BRICK CITY BLAST WOOD BAT CLASSIC DATES: June 21st- 23rd, 2019 ... Licking County Settlers (Newark, Ohio) 0 2 0 -7 ... Rip Rap Fields - Field 2 Falcon 43 3 6 Brick City Blast ...

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Baseball & Softball Field Materials ... NO, YOU DON'T WANT BRICK DUST! You may think you do but you don't. Here's why. Brick dust is old school. Years ago when there was a surplus of broken bricks someone had the idea to use crushed brick on a baseball field. It made for a nice contrast with the green grass but that was it.

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For baseball fields, we offer our super, all natural baseball clay mix, which is 50-60% clay and 40-50% sand. This mixture of baseball infield dirt makes a great infield surface and pitchers mound. The color varies depending on the sand it is mixed with but it is always essentially tan in color. There are bulk discounts at 500 and 1000 yards.

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From rebuilding a pitching mound to building a sports complex, we provide professional quality at affordable prices to all of our customers. Our construction field crews are some of the most skilled and talented individuals in the industry with years of experience on thousands of fields for all types of sports.

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High-quality, screened clay with a rich red color used to construct new infields or raise low infields. Ideal mix for baseball and softball fields consists of approximately 40% clay/silt and 60% sand. Bulk availability only, weather permitting.

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What do you expect from grinding up rocks and putting it on the field? Sources and Suppliers. Suppliers I've used and am satisfied with: unfired clay bricks - Muddox baseball mix (infield and warning track) - Cascade Rock, Central Home Supply baseball mix (infield) - TNT Trucking: the …

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Sometimes people are looking for brick dust. As mentioned in another article this is simply crushed bricks. Field topping sells for between $150.00 and $200.00 a ton before shipping. Brick dust sells for between $50.00 and $150.00 a ton. Quality various greatly on brick dust. Red clay is also a common name for infield mix or baseball dirt.

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We take this red rock and apply our stringent quality controls to produce a range of ball field materials that are unmatched in the industry for player safety, percolation and appearance. They are non tacky, non abrasive and provide the perfect playing experience.

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Magic Mix™ surface playing material, used by Park & Rec Departments, High Schools, College and Professional baseball programs throughout the country, is one of the most cost saving, performance enhancing products available today. Magic Mix™ primary make-up is pulverized granite proprietary manufactured to exact gradation standards.

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Nov 15, 2016· I understand that brick dust can be used to improve dirt infields that don't absorb water, or have other problems. For instance, clay infields puddle immediately, and tend to crack when they dry out. Puddles and cracks make for unplayable and unpr...

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The skinned areas of your field should consist of a sand and clay based dirt down to a depth of at least 4 inches. We have a solution. When we got into this business we determined that we had to develop our own mix here in Indiana with native materials that could approximate the consistency of the best 60-40 field mixes on the market.

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Oct 08, 2012· Using crushed brick for an infield mix was a practice that was used across the Midwest for a number of years in the 1990 - 2005 window. The J&D Turf team renovates at least 1-2 fields a year that have brick dust as an infield mix.

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Adding Brick Dust To A Baseball Field: Dialog With A Head Coach. Coach Knight in North Carolina and I recently had a dialog that I think will be useful to anyone planning to add more dirt to their infield - especially adding brick dust to your baseball field. Coach: We have a field that our school made worse last year by ordering a dirt mix ...

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Mercer Group Inc. is a leading sports turf management company specializing in field construction, renovation and maintenance, Baseball field maintenance Dayton Ohio, Baseball field maintenance Columbus Ohio, and Baseball field maintenance Cincinnati Ohio. Mercer Group Inc. uses state of the art equipment operated by trained field technicians.

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Baseball Field Dirt Mix Ohio. Field ... Quality baseball infield mix and brick dust estes material s adding baseball dirt infield mix athletic field why pennsylvania dirt is in most mlb stadium infields the high s state baseball tournament ing to akron football how …